SMUGBUGS is a 360° full-service interactive digital solution agency that delivers nothing less than perfection.

A registered brand in the India and based in Chandigarh, SMUGBUGS is a fast growing company offering innovative web design & development, strategy & consulting, creative & innovative mobile solutions, and internet marketing services to its clients. We have a team of expert professionals, who with their inventive and refined ideas can help businesses, stand out from the rest. Our aim is to help our clients in meeting their goals and achieving their dreams.

A keen eye on the emerging trends has enabled us to render the most innovative services and remain the most cost-effective in the industry. SMUGBUGS is the interactive company you want to partner with. The mixture of our highly talented, experienced, and driven individuals will compliment your team and help you get your ideas off the ground and implemented.

It is not the management which makes the difference but the right team with the right management. Our team of creative professionals includes web developers, web designers, web engineers, mobile engineers, marketing specialists and graphic designers who continuously strive to develop unique and innovative solutions for every project.

Our team is dedicated to help our clients in fulfilling their business objectives, build and enhance their brand's identity.

We Work! We Play! We Have Fun! We Create Magic – We Deliver Results as we promise!

Like many other companies our mission is to grow as a big corporate but our thinking is a little different.

Every small company either becomes a big company or gets finished. There are two components which define this for a company. They are the team and the clients.

At SMUGBUGS we keep our team happy so they deliver good work and we do that by providing good infrastructure, good payout, liberty to take their decisions to deliver good job even if it takes more time and giving them a mixture of relaxation and work pressure.

When we take care of every little thing for our team and those can only be fulfilled when we connect with you as our client. Get the royal experience and get your project delivered in a way you would have never thought. Trust our abilities and you will be happy with your product forever as we would be standing with you always as a companion.

Your Growth is Our Virtue!

We love nothing more than working on an awesome project with an amazing client. We bring passion and commitment to every project we undertake, and attempt to offer the best solutions for your business. With SMUGBUGS team of skilled designers and developers, we ensure quality is never compromised while delivering projects.

We create Magic! No bullshit work.

We carry an attitude where we promise ourselves to do something which is perfect and if any doubt we don’t even touch it.

We love to work on challenging projects and from start to finish we keep transparent communication. We live in reality and work with the passion with which you have trusted our abilities.

At SMUGBUGS we call believe that Your Growth is Our Virtue!

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Atmosphere of Paradise
SMUGBUGS produced an excellent website for me that I’m happy to say exceeded all my expectations. I was beyond impressed with their ability to listen to my ideas with genuine patience, and then turn those ideas into reality. I can’t speak highly enough about them and will use them for my future projects without question. I highly recommend them.

— Rob Selznick —