Is there a standard cost to building a mobile app?

To be honest, it is impossible to give an answer to that without first understanding the scope of work required to develop that app or game a client has in mind. SMUGBUGS strives to be a complete solutions provider with pricing tailor-made to individual needs and objectives. A quick conversation will enable our team to find the best possible solution, including the functionality and platforms required, any goals to monetize the app, and other factors determining the overall scope of the project. In turn, we can provide a highly customizable plan fitting almost any budget. Contact us to discuss with SMUGBUGS representative and receive a quote fitting your exact needs.

Do you do cross platform mobile development?

Yes, at SMUGBUGS we perform cross platform mobile development. Our team is fully capable of developing for the Apple and Android platforms, which are the two major mobile operating systems at present. We are also able to cross develop for the desktop if you require us to. For example, you might have an idea for an app that in some instances, is actually easier to use via a desktop.

Do you build websites?

Yes, at SMUGBUGS we have great expertise with designing and developing top notch quality websites for kind of purpose you want.

All website we make in 2015 and afterwards are responsive (mobile/tablet friendly).

What is your refund policy?

We offer 100% client satisfaction and we do not offer refunds. We will do as many revisions to give the best experience and refunds are solely on the discretion of SMUGBUGS.

What if i don’t reply for months and come back to start my project?

At SMUGBUGS we respect your time and respect our time too, if your start a project and then do not respond for months then SMUGBUGS can terminate the project by sending an official email. To restart the project you have to pay penalty of $150 which can be waived off depending on the circumstances.

Can I hire dedicated resources?

Yes, SMUGBUGS allows you to hire dedicated resources on Monthly or Weekly basis.

What are you hourly charges?

Our hourly charges are solely depending upon the project requirements and the kind of resources which needs to assigned to the project.

Do I need to pay in advance?

Yes, to start a project you need to make an advance payment which would be shared in the contract provided to you.

What is the meaning of SMUGBUGS?

Smug means pride and bugs are errors in coding and development.

SMUGBUGS means PROUD of CODING free from BUGS.

Can you work on Multiple Project at a time?

Yes, we do have a vast team which has expertise in different areas and can handle multiple projects at one time.

Do you work on project which was left behind by my previous developer?

Yes, we can definitely assist you with the same but we would need to review if we can use the existing or writing new bug free code would take less time.

Do you guys do ui/ux?

Welcome aboard; let’s give a ride of creativity through which we have been making many clients happy so far.

How to I hire SMUGBUGS?

Please click on START PROJECT and you don’t need to do anything else! Your projects discussion, files sharing, feedback, payments, testing and delivery would be done through our SMUGBUGS Client Area.

My question was not answered!

Please contact us and we would answer you at the earliest.