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We thrive on innovation and creativity to build winner mobile apps in diverse categories.

How would you feel if you can carry your entire world inside a small device which is always in your hand or pocket?

Now how would you feel if your customers are carrying you along and you are always connected to them?

Yes! We at SMUGBUGS make it possible and we can do it for you with the magic you need. We understand what you want to serve and what your customers are seeking and then our expertise come in action having you always connected with your current clients and having new customers reach you easily.

Apple's iPhone is fast becoming a popular choice with over 700 million users all over the world. Even the iOS app store has touched a new milestone; it has now more than a million apps with billions of downloads. Certainly, you don’t want to miss the potential iOS customers in this big moment. So, if you are looking for an iOS app for your business, you have come to the right source.

SMUGBUGS iOS app designs are sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly

  • SMUGBUGS performs robust coding as per the Apple standards!
  • We have expertise in developing apps for various domains in the industry!

SMUGBUGS is a leading iOS application development company, which delivers best in class iOS apps to its clients using proven methodologies and cotemporary technology. We have a team of skilled and professional app developers who have expertise in design, development, testing, and deployment of iPhone Apps.

Since its inception, Android has become the most popular and widely used operating system around the world. Presently, Google Android holds more than 60% market share of the mobile app market. In order to cope with the rising demand of Android applications, you need an innovative and comprehensive mobile app development company that offers engaging and meaningful solutions.

We ensure 100% bug-free functionality!
We offer complete support and maintenance!
Our Android apps are compatible with all available Android devices and versions!

We are SMUGBUGS, incorporate state-of-the-art technology and proven strategy to build feature-rich and highly-intuitive application that can meet the expectations of our prestigious clients. Our team of mobile app developers is well acquainted with different Android technologies and development frameworks. We specialize in creating Android apps for all popular categories on the Play Store, ranging from lifestyle to gaming and non-consumer apps.

Windows mobile phones have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years as Microsoft continues to offer a secure, simple, and easy-to-use operating system. Along with beautiful, quick, and fluid design of Windows, the Smartphone offers a lot of interesting features too.

At SMUGBUGS, we offer end-to-end Windows app development services to help our clients appeal their prospective audiences. We have extensive experience in developing applications on Windows platform, which are user-friendly, meaningful, and informative. Our team of experienced and keen developers is dedicated to develop unique, brilliant, and user-focused Windows applications.

  • All our apps are tested thoroughly on real-time devices!
  • We deliver 100% secure and scalable iPhone applications!

Our developers ensure reliable, elegant and convincing user experience.

Most of the corporate professionals around the world choose BlackBerry over other smart phones for everyday communication needs. The reason why BlackBerry mobile phones are still preferred today is that they are secure, durable, and hack-proof due to the strong encryption capabilities. Today, over 40 million users around the world use BlackBerry and the market potential of BlackBerry apps is huge.

At SMUGBUGS, we create Blackberry apps with advanced features and amazing functionalities for mobile devices as well as tablet PCs. Our team of skilled app development specialists has extensive experience in creating feature-rich Blackberry applications for a wide array of industries. Some of the platforms that we use for BlackBerry applications development include Native BlackBerry SDK, BlackBerry Web Works, App celebrator, and other cross platform technologies.

The apps are delivered after robust testing!
Our BlackBerry apps are tailored to meet your strategic business objectives!
We have a track record of achieving 100% client satisfaction!

Unique Cross Platform Apps | Single Coding Platform | Native Mobile Apps

Xamarin opens possibilities to target different native mobile app platforms using one single coding platform. It provides full access of iOS and Android APIs and use the same language, data structures and APIs on every platform. Xamarin is the right path if you want something solid in less time and even save money.

The mobile revolution has been observed for the fulfillment of new requirements for modern app developers as they need to involve all the versions of latest OS, screen resolutions and other factors also, so Xamarin makes it possible for you to build native and hybrid apps using a single C# code base for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Its architectural approach helps you in reducing the cost of development and maintenance.

  • XAMARIN builds Native & Cross Platform Mobile Applications to carve your business needs!
  • Xamarin Test Cloud helps in Immediate Automatic Testing of the app during development and post development!
  • The app developed using XAMARIN stay always updated with latest versions of android and iOS!
  • Xamarin also supports wearable technology where we can use Google glass and android/ios wearble devices!

If you want a mobile application for multiple platforms XAMARIN is the right choice and we can make do it for you the way you want.

Build Cross-platform apps with Phonegap. Build for one platform and deploy on all using Phonegap technologies.

With PhoneGap development, we develop a mobile app just once which can be seamlessly deployed across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc. This way your app gets an exposure to a larger audience. At the same time you don’t have to pay separately for app development for each mobile platform.

This is saves time and money for you and gives you better Return on Your Investment which is the biggest factor.

Since PhoneGap development makes the mobile app more compatible with every leading device, this can increase your app presence by many folds. Apps developed using PhoneGap are high on functionality and are user friendly. Great quality app and versatile usage increase its popularity and audience can easily get it on any device.

You can hire Phonegap professional developers at SMUGBUGS and get the kind of app you want.

  • Expertise across a number of languages namely C, Java, .net, PHP and Silverlight!
  • Custom PhoneGap development for Web based Mobile Games!
  • Hassle Free Communication!
  • On-time Delivery!

Let SMUGBUGS team understand your requirements and then give you the correct suggestion of which technology should be used for better results.

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SMUGBUGS produced an excellent website for me that I’m happy to say exceeded all my expectations. I was beyond impressed with their ability to listen to my ideas with genuine patience, and then turn those ideas into reality. I can’t speak highly enough about them and will use them for my future projects without question. I highly recommend them.

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