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We optimize your online performance with effective digital marketing strategies!

At SMUGBUGS, we offer the most effective and result-driven marketing solutions to improve the online presence of your website and mobile application. We do a complete analysis of what your competitors are doing to develop strategies that can best position you in the competitive market. With our effective online marketing strategies and team of marketing experts, we convert your website and mobile app into a powerful lead generator.

SEO refers to the work being done to improve the ranking of a website on the result pages of major search engines such as Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO helps you to connect with customers who are looking for products or services similar to yours by organically leveraging your website’s visibility.

SMUGBUGS iOS app designs are sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly

We keep ourselves updated with the latest search engine optimization strategies
We offer full-service SEO program including research, reporting & goal setting, content building, page optimization, social & link building, and reporting & analysis.
We keep an eye on Google algorithm updates such as Penguin and Panda

We respect and value every penny you have spent in having your website or mobile app developed, what we will do is analyze it, optimize it and help it make you make money so we can get your that precious smile on your face.

Social media has as forever changed the world of marketing, and it is here to stay. More than broadcasting messages, marketing through social media is about building conversations and deeper relationships with customers. Moreover, social media marketing has emerged as a viable and potentially lucrative marketing tool for both B2B and B2C companies of all sizes, all over the world.

At SMUGBUGS, we understand that you require a thorough understanding of your customers’ needs to retain them in this competitive environment. So, we devise effective strategies focused on attracting, engaging and even converting customers to help you achieve your business goals. We create meaningful and entertaining content that presents a fresh face of your brand on social media on a regular basis.

Our strategies are based on your unique business challenges and objectives!
We create relevant social media marketing strategies to help businesses grow and meet their goals!

We offer social media marketing for all platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more

Email marketing is an extremely powerful marketing tool to send personalized messages to your customers. The reason why email marketing is so popular among business owners is that it's an easy way to reach perspective customers without investing much in new software or technology.

If you are thinking of incorporating email marketing service as a part of your online marketing program, our team of result-driven professionals can work with you to bring the best results. SMUGBUGS claims thorough expertise in email marketing process to create result-oriented emails with compelling messaging and call to action (CTA). We try to understand the challenges faced by your target customers, and the goals they are trying to achieve, so that we can create an effective customized strategy for your success:

  • We create compelling campaigns to maximize leads.
  • We create engaging content to help you build credibility with your target audience.
  • We offer detailed analytics and reporting on regular basis.

We make sure the email reaches safely in the inbox and is friendly to be viewed on the device it is opened.

PPC advertising offers instant search engine visibility, a definite advantage for new businesses, or those working on attaining better search engine visibility. With PPC ads, you can get the preferred placement of your ad among other search results and pay a fee for every visitor that clicks on your ad, based on a set price.

At SMUGBUGS, we create Blackberry apps with advanced features and amazing functionalities for mobile devices as well as tablet PCs. Our team of skilled app development specialists has extensive experience in creating feature-rich Blackberry applications for a wide array of industries. Some of the platforms that we use for BlackBerry applications development include Native BlackBerry SDK, BlackBerry Web Works, App celebrator, and other cross platform technologies.

We regularly report on your campaign’s success

  • Our PPC services are focused on growing your online business and increasing your return on investment!
  • Our PPC services include Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads, Landing Pages, Banner ads, retargeting and remarketing ads!

SMUGBUGS is a full service digital marketing company offering everything from strategy to execution with ongoing testing and optimization to deliver maximum impact for your brand. Our team of professional PPC experts maintains high-quality pay per click campaigns to ensure high ROI.

At SMUGBUGS we understand how much efforts you have given to get your Mobile App Completed the right way and now you definitely want users to download it and use it efficiently.

You must be having a questions how will I do this? What can I do to make this really happen?

You need to leave this with the experts (SMUGBUGS) and they will do it rightfully for you.

What you need to share is what is your Goal with the app, target audience (male, female, trans, age group, region) etc and then we would think like every type of user and what all as a user if can do to find you and then we will get you found.

  • We will get users to your app and have them download it!
  • Monitor the feedback coming from the users!
  • Fix any complains coming and manage the reputation.

All in all at SMUGBUGS we just don’t optimize your app as it is your app but act upon ever situation as if it is our own app and do any and everything to have it right all the time.

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Atmosphere of Paradise
SMUGBUGS produced an excellent website for me that I’m happy to say exceeded all my expectations. I was beyond impressed with their ability to listen to my ideas with genuine patience, and then turn those ideas into reality. I can’t speak highly enough about them and will use them for my future projects without question. I highly recommend them.

— Rob Selznick —